• Shea took my case when I felt helpless.
    I got to brag on an awesome attorney. When I felt helpless, Shea took my case and I must say he knows how to handle the courtroom and knows what he's doing. He gets you what you want/deserve and I couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you, Shea, for your dedication to my case and your hard work and effort. you put into the case.

    - Jen B.

  • Shea is a great attorney.
    Shea is a great attorney. I had him on more than one occasion and must say, he will go the limits for his clients.

    - Jimmy C.

  • Shea's genuine concern for his clients is amazing.
    People say if you pay an attorney they will put in more effort than a public defender, The first thing you want to hear about an attorney when they are hired or appointed you to want to hear that they will fight for their clients to the best of their ability and you hear the famous saying "money talks"..I just want to say a few words about Mr. Shea Cook genuinely from my heart. Mr. Cook currently just represented me on charges and has also represented a few of my family/friends members over the years (all with pleasing outcomes). But I sadly been in the court system multiple times and had a few different attorneys and honestly I've never had the money to pay out to hire attorney myself (Including Mr. Cook). A year ago I was faced and charged with the most serious charges I'd ever face and with my record and truthfully a terrible family name I just knew no matter what attorney represented me then odds were stacked against me. Throughout the year Mr. Cook kept in contact showed compassion in my changed lifestyle, pushed me not to give up and when I gave up he never failed to tell me he had not. I was speechless by the outcome of the plea and services from Mr. Cook I felt he seen beyond the record I had on that paper and knew the woman I had changed my life and become. I recommend this lawyer If you feel that everyone sees what's on your record and doesn't sit down to actually listen to know the human you really are. The genuine concern for his clients is amazing and my family and could never thank him enough.

    - Hali M.

  • Shea Cook is the only attorney I trust.
    I must say, Shea Cook, is the only attorney I trust and go to for everything. Injury, wrecks and criminal charges, he has always fought and made things right. My family and I can't say thank you enough for all he has done. I'll continue to tell all where to turn with any legal problems. Thank you for all you do, Shea Cook!

    - Draven V.

  • Shea Cook enjoys what he does for a living.
    Shea Cook enjoys what he does for a living. Defending people. He served in our military now he serves our communities with relentless effort and loyalty. Shea Cook saved my life. Thanks to him I have a family, a great career and I'm thankful for my second chance in life. #1 lawyer.#SHEACOOK.

    - Brennan W.

  • Shea and his staff are very effective and efficient.
    Effective and efficient! Nice Staff! I highly recommend T Shea Cook PC.

    - Barry H.

  • Shea is an awesome attorney.
    Shea is an awesome attorney who really works hard for his clients.

    - Ann M.

  • Shea is a really good lawyer.
    Shea is a really good lawyer and will help u any way he can. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    - Brian H.

  • I am extremely satisfied with Shea's work, effort, compassion, and dedication.
    I would recommend Mr. Shea Cook to any & everyone doesn't matter what your charges are, paid, or appointed. The charges I had everyone told me I better hire a lawyer, I had a good feeling with him and didn't even think about hiring anyone. He represented me recently and I was so worried and afraid, like anyone in my situation would have been, however; I received the BEST outcome anyone could possibly ask for. Shea is a very caring man I do not believe he is out just for the money. He has worked very hard on my case and looked it over and over putting in a lot of time and effort into it until we both were satisfied, I must say I am extremely satisfied with his work, effort, compassion, and dedication. I am not speaking badly about any attorney however I do believe without him my life would be completely different for the worse. I may be repeating myself, sorry but I would recommend Mr. Shea Cook to any and everyone. He is very hardworking, dedicated and caring. If it wasn't for his determination I could not be sitting here typing this now. I can NEVER thank him enough. I hope & pray not but if I ever needed a lawyer again I would most definitely go hire him if he wasn't appointed, I could go on and on but one last thing Shea gives every case he has his ALL appointed or hired. He is very compassionate, works late hours & holidays if need be. He is who I would recommend to everyone!

    - Christina R.

  • Shea Cook is very reliable and a man of his word.
    Shea Cook is very reliable and a man of his word. He goes above and beyond to help anyone in any way he can! I go to him for any and everything, whether it be for needing a lawyer or just advise! would recommend to anyone!!

    - Savannah L.

  • I would recommend Shea to anyone with legal issues needing a good attorney.
    I was court-appointed Shea and was incarcerated at the time. Once I had my arrangement he scheduled an attorney visit within 3 days and got me a bond that next week. I decided not to bond out and he sent me attorney mail with a new court date which he had moved up for earlier in the month and then on that day he had me sentenced with time served. I never expected to go home that day and it's all because of him that I got to. I have never had an attorney more dedicated than him. I would recommend him to anyone with legal issues needing a good attorney. Thanks, Shea for being so hardworking and dedicated to your clients. I'll choose you to represent me over and over if I should ever have any more legal issues.

    - Jess L.

  • Shea is a great attorney one who will fight for you.
    Shea is a great attorney who will fight for you and always does his best for his clients. I've used him in a custody case and criminal charges.

    - Allene R.

  • I highly recommend Shea and his law firm!
    I have absolutely got to brag on this magnificent Attorney. I hired him in the summer of 2018 and for the 11 months I had him for my court case, Shea went 1,000 % far and beyond for me. Even to the point of working and traveling on weekends to do whatever it took to do what he had to do for my court case. In the end, I was completely satisfied and give him all the Thanks and Most Gratitude for all he has done for me. Your the Best. Anyone looking for an Attorney that will fight till the end for you, I highly recommend Shea Cook.

    - Sarah H.

  • Mr. Cook is very professional an has a very distinct presence in the courtroom.
    I have used the services of this law firm several times! I would highly recommend to anyone seeking legal counsel. Mr. Cook is very professional and has a very distinct presence in the courtroom which in turn I believe gets the job done!

    - Anna S.

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